Friday, 5 August 2011

How to recruit volunteers

To recruit volunteers is very challenging, more so that we live in competitive times for both financial support and volunteer assistance. The people that are active feel they are too busy with their growing families. Demands on their time and energy are enormous as people work long hours or live in different locations.
Because we are living in changing times where people lead different lifestyles try to ask your volunteers what their interests and backgrounds are. Then give them choices. Offer activities that utilize their skills and provide personal fulfilment. Hours and locations should be flexible for your volunteers.
No one volunteers simply because you’re a worthy course, so make volunteers aware of your services. Define the type job to be done. This will help ensure that you get the right person to fill the position. Identify your reasons, which mean making them know what your volunteering message is, in that way you will increase your chance of success in recruiting the right people for specific duties. Consider the types of personalities that match activities and positions your recruitment materials may reflect e.g. social interaction.
Try to attract volunteers you need by advertising your activities. Ask anyone you talk to why they do or do not volunteer, be open to them. Make a lot of speeches and send out lots of press release. Be prepared, willing and enthusiastic about personal appearance i.e. on radio or TV. Volunteers need to know about your activities, that is, what you do and how you do it. Never assume that people know everything, take into account your potential volunteer’s point of view if you want to succeed.
Do not reject anyone as volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, retired, school age, young people, and or parents. Retired persons are skilled and reliable; most of them are as active today as they were yesterday. To many of this people leisure time is designed to fill with worthwhile activities. Minority groups and people with disabilities are underutilized but these very people are the ones who are going to participate in the similar events. Approaches may differ from age to age.
There are several methods you can use to recruit volunteers, but not all of them will be appropriate to your specific needs. They include media (newspapers, radio and television), individual (one to one contact through mailing or flyers) and personal (word of mouth). Each one of the bringing about advantages and disadvantages based on your resources and needs along with those of your volunteers.
Volunteers efforts help improve the quality of life to everyone as their good works increase visibility of their firms. These people have various reasons for helping. They give their time freely and would like to make sure their contributions make a difference. Volunteering may benefit people by making them learn new skills and develop their experience, meet friends or make valuable contributions that may lead to employment and new careers

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